Finally: The relaunch!

For three years we barely had the time to add a new Picture to this site. Now we are finally ready for a relaunch.

We hope you will enjoy our efforts. Beside maintaining a gallery, we are determined to make this site more interesting this time around.

We need some motivation to keep this up to date, so we promised ourselves to write regular articles and make the "about us" section a lot of fun, as well. The ladder is coming soon. For now enjoy the gallery.


Which one to use? Isn't flash dead? Why are you using a technology that is no longer supported in mobile web Browsers?

We get these Questions all the time. Here are our best answers to the issue:

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The advantages of eLearning

Imagine a library of knowledge specific to your company that captures every skill important to you and downloads it into the brains of every new employee, as many times as you like!

I always thought we must have been one of the first eLearing proponents, when we collaborated with the German Center for Health and Education(BZgA) in 1995 to create a nationwide CD-rom-based sexual education program.

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