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The amazing advantages of eLearning!

A library containing AND teaching all of your companies knowledge.

Imagine a library of knowledge - specific to your company - that captures every skill important to you and downloads it into the brains of every new employee, as many times as you like!

I always thought we must have been one of the first eLearing proponents, when we collaborated with the German Center for Health and Education(BZgA) in 1995 to create a nationwide CD-rom-based sexual education program.

In fact the first attempts at computer based math and language lessons had been made as early as 1960 by several US universities.

When I worked a stint for The Homedepot in 2006 I was face to face with an enormous eLearing system set up in a commercial context. The spark caught.

By the time my wife began working with the San Francisco Academy of Art University Cyber Campus I knew that eLearning was the future for small to mid-size companies as well. It suddenly became very apparent that the academy had cashed in on a key feature of eLearning , which I hadn't fully comprehended yet:

the possibility to capture lectures that otherwise would have drifted into the long forgotten past and present them to the students even after the original instructor was no longer teaching. I saw an enormous database of knowledge growing without any drop of knowledge ever being lost from the goblet.

I knew we can do this even better. I had gotten a little confused on the way to success, thinking I needed to break into the booming game Industry with Visart and other pretentious non-sense. In reality I had become an Illustrator because the graphics in my Biology book had fascinated me. In truth I had always wanted to combine teaching with a wow-factor in my art. I am an educator as much as I am an artist.

Strangely enough Visart, 5500 miles away had the same idea. I found that my mother-company, filled with new ferver, was fully engaged in creating a brand new LMS directly targeting courses for our clients employees.

By now our production is in full stride. We have put out a fabulous array of myriad courses and the enthusiasm and delight of our clients is our greatest reward.

Imagine a flood of Standard Operating Procedures translated in to a clean library that explains itself to new and established employees. Imagine this knowledge having gained immortality beyond the supervisor who could explain it best. Imagine that knowledge being revivable in the future even after it might have been obsolete for a period of time.

The future is in eLearning and the sooner a company starts to built courses the greater their advantage will be in times to come. You could even speculate that learning libraries are an asset that will in some time grow more valuable than the buildings, machines and real estate of the operation.

M. Faust